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Driving In France Revisited

Rules For Driving In France Revisited

It’s now a requirement to carry a breathalyser kit when you drive in France.

The kit must have two disposable breathalysers. The breathalyser must meet NF standards (similar to the BSI here in the UK) and carry NF certification. So make sure it has that. The kits are available on line, try Amazon.

Wherever you drive on the continent, limits are generally lower, 50mg rather than 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood.

There are differences with speed limits, and speed detection.

The speed limit on a French Autoroute is 130km/h (80mph). When it is wet it drops to 100km/h (just under 70mph).

Speed camera detectors are illegal, and the fines for using one can be severe, up to €1,500. You can also have the radar detector taken away and possibly your car confiscated too. This legislation includes satnav or GPS systems that show speed camera information so if you’re a company car driver, make sure this function is disabled.

You must also carry certain safety equipment. It is essential to have a warning triangle, reflective jacket, and spare light bulbs as well as your breathalyser kit. You need to have the reflective jacket at hand in the car, because you must put it on before you get out of your car. The French police expect it to be on show .

The company car paperwork:

  1. If your company car is leased, or contract hired, you’ll need to get a form VE103 to take with you.
  2. Make sure that your business car insurance covers your company car while driving in France.



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