About Manage Your Fleet

This website is a comprehensive library with articles, forms, and templates providing a wealth of advice to manage a company car or van fleet. It allows small and medium sized businesses with the information and the tools to write a company car policy from scratch.It has its origins as a series of fact sheets under the ‘fleetwise’ banner for our customers who had asked us for advice and assistance with their vehicle fleet requirements.

We are of the opinion that logging into this site in itself provides proof that a risk assessment for your company vehicles and drivers is underway. That is why we have a login system with your company details which can be dated and verified.

Using the forms and templates provided is further evidence of a risk assessment which provides the cornerstone of your company car policy. The policy is written proof of your company’s duty of care towards the use of vehicles on company business.

Use it whenever you wish, we shall always answer any queries you might have. We only ask to be able to send you offer details under our ‘webcars’ franchise, from time to time. You can unsubscribe from these offers at any time.