A Van Driver’s Check List

EXTERIOR Checked Comments
1. Brake check (on moving vehicle)  
2. Oil level
3. Coolant level
4. Windscreen washer fluid level
5.Brake fluid
6. Windscreen and windows are clean and undamaged
7. Wiper blades are clean and undamaged
8. Lights including brake lights and indicators are clean and working
9. Tyre pressures including the spare (and inner tyres and tyres on a trailer if applicable)
10. Tyre tread including the spare tyre, inner tyre and tyres on trailer if applicable. There should be at least 2 mm of tread across the centre three quarters of the tyre.
11. Any cuts and bulges in the tyres
12. Doors open and close properly
13. Trailer brake and indicator lights work properly
14. Lift (if fitted) works properly
15. Ramp (if fitted) fits and works safely
16. Roof rack or trailer is properly fitted
17. Damage or sharp edges.
18. Mirrors are correctly adjusted, clean, undamaged and unobstructed
19. Position and function/purpose of all dashboard controls are known and understood
20. Position of driving seat is adjusted so that all controls can be operated comfortably
21. Check for pressure on brake pedal
22. Wipers and washers are working properly
23. Fuel level (and what type of fuel is used by vehicle)
24. Seat belts are undamaged and working properly
25. Location of wheel brace and jack are known to driver
26. Location of fire extinguisher and first aid kit is known
27. Location of relevant documentation (insurance, up-to-date road tax, MoT, emergency numbers and driving licence)
28. Change for parking or telephone or presence of a mobile telephone
29. Load is securely secured
30. Damage or sharp edges
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