Duty of care

A Driver’s Safety Reminder

To be given on a regular basis to each company car and van driver with a copy signed and returned to the company.

(on company headed paper)

Company Vehicles – A Reminder

We set out below, some important issues concerning health and safety which we would ask you to be aware of with regard to the provision of your company car, especially in the light of recent legal rulings.

Please advise us of any changes to your licence with regard to endorsements, restrictions etc.

We remind you to drive safely with consideration for other road users, including pedestrians, with particular regard to driving conditions at the time.

Please observe all speed limits, restrictions, road signs etc.

You should be in good health and not fatigued. Please do not drive without taking regular breaks. When involved in driving considerable distances on company business, it may be necessary to make an overnight stop.

When receiving medication, check with the doctor whether the prescribed drugs will affect your driving.

If you need spectacles for driving, please wear them. Always pullover or stop at the next service area, to make or receive phone calls. If you drink alcohol, do not drive under any circumstances.

Please be aware that dissipation of alcohol may take longer than you think. Every year many drivers lose their licences after being tested the morning following a heavy night’s drinking.

It is your responsibility to:

1.    Ensure that your vehicle is serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s schedule.
2.    Ensure all oil and fluid levels are topped up in between routine servicing.
3.    Ensure tyres, glass, lights and horn operation are legal.

If you neglect your vehicle, it can be dangerous to yourself and other road users.

Please sign where indicated and return a copy to us, retaining the original for your reference.

For and on behalf of

(Name of Company)

I confirm I have read and understood the safety reminder detailed above.

Signed:                                                  Date:
Full Name:                                              Position in company:


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