Cutting costs

Reducing Costs – Check List

  1. Re-evaluate your existing method or methods of funding
  2. Consider moving to full maintenance contract hire to fix costs
  3. Consider moving to using whole life costs to set budgets etc
  4. If you have a one manufacturer policy, consider scrapping it
  5. Make sure you really need all of your company vehicles
  6. Consider setting an upper CO2 emissions limit for new cars – say 150g/km
  7. Consider setting a fuel economy (combined) limit – say nothing under 50 mpg
  8. Consider whether it is worthwhile to invest in newer more efficient models
  9. Consider using vehicles with start-stop technology
  10. Consider making diesel the preferred option over petrol vehicles
  11. Consider keeping your company vehicles longer, typically four years instead of three
  12. Phase out ‘grey fleet’ car use where possible – consider daily rental or a pool car
  13. Carry out a comprehensive occupational road risk management strategy and review each accident – lowers insurance premiums
  14. Make drivers accountable for their actions re non payment of London congestion charge, and parking fines
  15. Consider various driver training courses to see if they will encourage drivers to drive economically
  16. Use Fuel cards if not already doing so
  17. Use the fuel card information to incentivise drivers to drive frugally
  18. Insist all vehicles are serviced regularly
  19. Make sure all journeys are needed – consider phone calls or video conferencing
  20. Pool journeys where possible
  21. Plan all necessary journeys
  22. Consider satellite navigation systems to determine the cheapest route
  23. Make drivers check tyre pressures regularly
  24. Advise drivers to use air conditioning sparingly
  25. Urge your drivers to drive slower
  26. If you have a free private fuel policy, get rid of it
  27. Advise drivers to use cruise control of they have it
  28. Consolidate to one daily rental supplier
  29. Consider moving you daily rental requirement to a live on line booking system with low rentals. We have one.
  30. Make sure your car rentals are not running into two days instead of one day due to poor organization
  31. Insist rental cars are refuelled before they are returned
  32. Encourage drivers into a culture of caring for their vehicle – checking fuel levels regularly and tyre wear
  33. Ensure drivers report small scratches and dents immediately and repair promptly

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