Cutting costs

Cutting costs

In any business there is always the need to examine its costs and to reduce them where appropriate. The clever company is continually looking to reduce its costs without affecting service levels. Sometimes you can, sometimes you can’t. The trick is to keep trying, again and again.Company vehicles are no exception, indeed big figures are involved, which means there is the incentive for managers and directors to focus on cutting costs in this area of the business. At the same time they must be careful not to compromise their duty of care to company drivers.The biggest savings can be achieved from the following areas:

  1. Vehicle funding
  2. Fuel savings
  3. Fleet management
  4. Car choice lists

In the library you will find these subjects covered in detail.

Cutting company car costs cannot be undertaken in isolation without reference not just to duty of care but also taxation and the law. All three affect your room for manoeuvre.

If fuel duty is increased by the government, all of your motor fuel costs will invariably rise, no matter what you do. Equally any cost savings which encourage drivers to break the law is unacceptable.

This is all obvious but we must all make sure we know how duty of care, taxation and the law affects our company car and van fleet costs. This website sets out to achieve this.